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Capturing the reichstag


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An odd twist of fate, most of the diehard German defenders at the very end were French!

Heard that on The History Channel one night when they were talking about the bunker. I'll look later to see if they were the same troops.

Great Picture, Kuni.

I'm a little surprised Stalin didn't have himself depicted in the middle somewhere. :D

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An odd twist of fate, part II:

The Nazis never liked the Reichstag, and this building is far away from being some kind of nazi-building.

So what do you celebrate when you storm a building which represented the "free" pre-nazi germany?

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An excellent point. Hitler never used it except when he wanted to have it appear in film footage.

Foreign officials were often taken there.

For the Third Reich it was only a showplace. But a symbol as well, especially as you say, outside of Germany.

-- xwormwood I know you're a little sensitive regarding some of these things and picking up on your distinction let me say something. Aside from some Irish my ancestory is German and Italian and when I was a kid WWII was still a pretty hot issue. For me all of this is and has always been about the defeat of fascism and nazism, not the defeat of the people under those governments.

-- Almost forgotten these days is the heroism of countless Germans and Italians who fought against those governments and were eliminated long before the War in Europe ever began. Almost as forgotten are the many thousands more who were executed or sent to prisons and concentration camps during the war itself, including many military officers of very high rank. Several fieldmarshalls among them!

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Sorry if my limited language knowledges causes some troubles here and there.

I am far away from being upset or angry or sad when i write questions like "what do you celebrat blabla". It is a bit trickery to find the correct words or to construct the rigth sentences.

Would be fun to talk direct with you and some of the other guys here instead of writing short entries.


Damned tower of babel! ;):Dsmile.gif

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Like that Pic -- you've got a good eye! ;)

Agreed, that would be great. If you every feel like writing about it -- and your English is already very good -- come over to the Writing Club. I think you'd enjoy it, I've got the link in my signature.

I tried to learn German and never got the hang of it, same with Italian and that was with relatives all around who spoke one or the other of them as a first language. So I understand how frustrating it gets. Every once in a while I still try learning them but it never gets very far.

Agreed about how much better it is to actually see the person you're speaking with. Gestures and facial expressions can fill in for a lot of words.

English is particularly hard because it has so many contradictions. I'm heading off in a few minutes to buy a Scrabble dictionary; my spelling is pretty awful and I figure if I play that against the computer using the dictionary it will improve.

Off to the bookstore. Have a Good One my friend. ;)

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