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Atlantic to Suez loop not working


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Using the original 1.06 patch, I have a French battleship that will not loop around Africa. It just sits there on the red arrow. Been there since 1941 (it's 1944 now).

France fell in 1940 and this battleship was the only naval vessel that joined Britain. It has zero supply though ... perhaps that is why it won't make the trip to the Suez.

Or maybe it's a bug.

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Originally posted by Emil Seibold:

"Yeah-troop ships only, not warships."

Whatever . . .

Fine, Emil, now how about making another posting in the forum you started where a lot of others who used to get along are presently at each other's throats defending and attacking your remarks or, more accurately your right to have come out with them. Some of us are still interested in hearing what you have to say, which so far has been scant little in relation to the disention it's caused. Or, was that the intention all along, as some of the contributors have been claiming? Also, the Sig Heil doesn't help; it's no longer an accepted greeting and makes it harder for others to support you. I for one don't appreciate being labelled a nazi for having given moral to support to someone who doesn't have the decency to either finish what he started or the self-respect to defend himself. :rolleyes:

I'm also posting this to the forum you've begun, where a few of us have our butts hanging out waiting for you to pop back in.

-- * --

Very pleased to say this posting is now a moot issue. Emil has made that other posting and has not disappointed any of his supporters. He's a brave man who has done something good and right at the risk of exposing himself to ridicule, and it was something he was in no way obligated to do. He deserves our respect.

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82nd Ready --

Sorry -- thanks for asking. It's worth going to, a real free for all and a lot of opposing opinions. The last few entries have been particularly informative. As usual I take on my notorius nazi identity! :D

The Forum:

Follow on from Political Debate etc. . . ..

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