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House Rules, Ladder games, and a new 'trick' for the Axis

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I wasn't going to respond to all the talk on House Rules Generated by the RRI as I'm not involved with the ladder anymore. Then I thought, Zapps ladder is setting the standard by how all other games will be played and I should address this as I'll still play some games for Fun during the weekends. So here is my 5 cents on three subjects.

1) New 'trick': The Axis can invade Spain before Bulgeria joins and they will still recive this minor. This should increase the the date when this happens and allow the Axis contol of Gabrater and time to operate units to the Russian border before the Red Bear gets mad.

2) Ladder games are played for one reason, TO WIN. If people are not happy with the Rome invasion, too bad. The rules allowed it so it can and should be used untill it's not allowed. Remember this is war and a compitision. People that work within the rules and win, any type of win, should be allowed!

3) House Rules are needed. No program is 'compleate', we had one rule (covering for a bug) in the first Ladder, no sense in not having more rule. Weather your trying to balance the game or make it more historical, house rules are good IF they apply evenly to all sides. Suggested Rules for your league Zapp.

a) If not done already, allow the DOW and invasion of the USA. Not historical but its in the game and should be allowed.

B) ANY country cann't make a DOW and land transports on the same turn on enemy soil. In a way this is covering for the 'missing' bug of low readness/nonactivaton, when a hoard of troops sit on your border in ships.

c) Increase the Russian Readness by 10 or 15%. By now everyone should have read the different posts on how to keep this down and there is no reason to allow the Axis to wait untill Dec 1940 before invading the USSR.

d) Some citys (you can make the list) must be taken if no enemy units are in that city. London and Moscow are the primary ones but there are others that triger events and are being 'worked' around by 'chesey' but leagal moves. In a ladder game OK, as the objective is to win, but in fun games this is BS.

I'm sure people will not be happy with these but if you want to generate interest and make people desire to play both sides, these might be required.

Screw editing this - time for work.

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amen and amen!

reminds me of a human vs. computer game i read about. the computer knew every move for every game that had ever been printed. the human knew of an error (a misprint) in one of the printed games that he was sure the computer had in his memory banks. the human then replayed the game up to the point the misprint occurred and at that point because incorrect info (the misprint in the game)had been fed into the computer, it messed up and went whacko, and the human won.

iron ranger said --

Ladder games are played for one reason, TO WIN. If people are not happy with the Rome invasion, too bad.
thats the main point right there.sticking your finger in any one "PERCEIVED" problem in the game is like the little boy sticking his finger in the dike. soon he will run out of fingers and toes.
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