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AAR : 1942 Scenario : Rambo (Axis) vs IronRanger (Allies)


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Iron as Allies - Jon as Axis: now there is someting you don't see everyday.

First two turns

West: Irland falls, subs raiding but I can't find them. UK starts bombing Brest

Med: lots of movement, no combat - Axis retreating from egypt without fighting

East: Major combat around Moscow - both side lose one armor. Minor combat in Nor and Sou - 2 Red armys lost for 1 Minor army

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Okay, the 1942 is historical. I'll try to change history. First couple turns:

Russian front:

With the tight about of MMPs for both Germany & Russia, it will be important to protect the key ground units (Tanks+2 for both sides). So, I try to pick on the weakest units the Russians have up front, I'm able to get a few kills. Ranger comes back agressive, I lost an Army, but he has lost 2-Tanks, & a few more ground units, this is good.

Med front:

No action with mentioning. Nobody has made a move around Tobruk.


As expected, the Allies took Ireland & are hitting Brest. Nothing major.

Early summary:

The only real action has been in Russia, with Ranger playing agressive.

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East: More battles around Moscow and in Finland. Germany loses a corps and Army - no other troops visable - they've all headed west.

Med: A poor landing against VF. USA is playing the price for not taking Algeria in one turn. Itlay now has a 'true' fleet in the med - 5 ships (both VF survive heavy attack)

West: One sub sunk. Brest giving a two turn releif.

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Fall 1942 -

Facist forces invade Spain. I'd prefer to fight here if Ranger wants to bring the Allies in to help the Spanish.

Germans pull back in the cold winter fields of Russia. Finland is being invaded by the Communists.

Vichey French fleet have joined the Italian Navy. I have 5-ships in the Med, one damage heavily, but I have something to work with.

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Sept 42

Med: Portuagal Invaded and taken by Allies. Iraq attacked but survives capital being surrounded. USA takes Algeria and moves UK fleet off Malta and sending in the US 1st corp.

West : Quiet as UK fleet is used in taking Portuagal.

East: Heavy fighting between Leningrad and Moscow, each side is losing units. In the south each side has withdrawn and can't even see each other.

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Winter 1942 -

1) Russian front, is the Russian front in this game. Major battles short of Moscow, both sides lose units. Germans have air advantage there is the difference.

2) Finland the battles continue.

3) Italy holds Libya, their fleet (w/ 2-Vichey Ships) are staying out of the American Air Force range.

4) Ground combat slow in Spain.

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East: Germans are on the move again. Killing corps outside of Moscow and nothing Russia can do about it. Iraq plunder has been used to purchase armys in the hope of couter attacking. Slow progress in Finland. Three turns I've recived Partiasns in Russia, a good sign

West: UK bombing ports - with the fleet supporting the Algerian operation this is the quiet front.

Med: I hold both ends - lets see If USA can take Libia. Spain is holding out with help from Canada.

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Spring 1943 -

1) Axis finally get Spain & Portugal, this is big, more cash & free ups ground units. Will march down to Gibralter. U.S. Air Force is in Alegeria.

2) Russian front I have the power & continue to battle the Red Army. They have got to be bleeding, but the Iraq money is helping them. I keep kill them Commies smile.gif

3) Air battles around Brest.

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June 1943

East: Russia final breaks the Axis hold on central russia with a corps 'swing' attack around the german center 2 army group. A mass of 5 corps head out of Lenningrad and Rosvoa (?) to force German Armor away from Moscow - The red army is bleeding but alive (can't say the same for the red air).

Med: UK fleet in the east almost sink one of the VF ship and force back the Itialian Raid on Alexendrea. USA takes the western City in Libia and the Itialian CIty in the 'boot', exellent 'ranger raid'.

West: UK takes Brest and forces the germany corps away from the coast. A raiding corps takes Hamburg and digs in for a long fight.

Germany is sitting on 1000 MPPs what is he doing?

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July 1943 -

1) Russian front moves around every turn. I pick off a unit, he keeps the line straight...I counter, etc.

2) Americans are getting on my nerves in the MedFront. I just lost Sicily. I control Gibralter, so if I can pick off some a few units & hold Libya...

3) UK just got Jets+3, that sucks! I'm behind in Jet tech., come you German scientists, I've got alot of cash on you.

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Augest 43

Med: USA moving east in Libay and slowly taking Itialian coastal citys. UK moving west and in sight of Triploi.

West: All raiders dead but a strong foothold by Breast - just a few more turns of tech and units and France is mine

East: Russia retreat back behind the Volga but puts enough pressure to make sure the Axis can leave. Finland is a joke - we both have HQs and Armys up there but no air so its a stailemate.

Germany Jets L2 Italy L1 UK L3 USA L1 USSR 0

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Nov 1943

West: UK is slowly advancing from Brest, with most of the US forces in Algeria its slow going.

Med: UK is out side of Triploi, major navy/air battles around Sicily and this port. Italy loses two BBs and the VF BC. All the Itialian air and half the german air are pushing the US forces down the boot - poor supply is a bitch.

East: Major German retreat this time, I could hear the trains running day and night. But the respnce from Russia is slow as she's been bleed pink and still has a poor air force (germany now at L3)

Allied earning 825 MPPs

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Late 1943 -

Both sides are trying every little advantage they can get. Fighting on all fronts.

1) Russian front: Germans back off, lots of those Red bastards all over the place.

2) MedFront: I lost several ships pressing the issue at Tobruk. Ranger was happy with his kills & backed off his ships. BUT, he has ground units trying to close N.Africa. In Italy, the Luftwaffen is making things rough for the US Air Force.

3) France, UK is grinding a path.

Germany still getting a okay income. Thank goodness I got Jets+3 for Germany, at least I can fight now.

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Winter 43

East - Russia pushing forward with little combat, looks like germany pulled all its air out and left the tank in Defence of the central citys. Not enought german units to make a line to russia corps advace where they can.

West - UK destroys the german unit in paris but can't advance any farther.

Med - US corps pushs right up to Tripoli but gets destoyed by landing Axis units. Seven Axis air now working in the med to Allied 5 - I'm on the defensive.

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Spring 44

Axis as for terms ---- Allies win

West - total mess I hold Paris but have less ground units then Axis. German air kills (L4) kills its self when attacking. UK jets L3 end the game.

Med - USA pulls out of Algeria and through the destroyed port of Gabralter. Ground units are left in the citys but my L1 jets are getting waxed by the german L4 jets. Triplio is a mess of Itialian, German, Russian and UK air = Nobody can move but I have the number advantage vs tech - I'll win out in the long run

East - I keep pushing corps through the holes in his lines - something has to give soon as axis units are getting surrouded!

Very fun game with both side attacking and defending on several fronts.

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