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88mm, I made the final update checkpoint. Copy the statistics again now.

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Thks Zapp smile.gif

You are welcome back any time, oke ?

PS: After a good look at the ladder i clearly see some strange things.

Players who only lose stand higher then some players who have won more then they lost. to me this seems unfair and a bit silly. This makes me wonder; are the rules flawed ?

Futhermore i see alot of players that haven't been active latest month. Is that just a month or are they several months in-active ? Not so much fun to me to bypass "in-active" players :D

So while the ladder is functional i believe there should made some changes. what do you think ?

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First of all, the ladder is not boxing. It does not matter if you lose 30 games to Terif if u happen to win 30 games against lower rated opponents. If the win-lose ratio was important we would see ppl ducking good opponents and collecting wins. Some ppl might win many games but if they only play "ladder bottom players" it should not improve their rating. Other ppl might have fought top class opponents often and therefore lost alot of games.

Also, I have increased the penalty for inactivity lately. It was only 10 places before, so some ppl could go down and gain the places afterwards. I have increased it to 20 and to 30 places so when u modify the ranking next time it should be fine.

The thing that is important when u manage the ladder is when u adjust the ranking. The order actually does matter. Upgrading the winner 4 places followed by downgrading the loser 4 places might not have same result as doing it reversed.











If #2 and #7 play and #7 win, if u downgrade #2 first then #3-#6 will gain one place as #2 goes down i.e it benefits players that do not lose.

Instead, if #7 gets modified first then the #3-#6 will be pushed down instead by the #7 passing them. This system benefits frequent players because ppl can pass you rather than u pass players that lose.

I chose the "modify winner first" since the huge amount of time it take being a frequent player of SC makes it a bit odd, i.e we want stability at the top of the ladder. "If u do not lose you keep your spot"

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Well, i see your point. Still it's funny to see all those wins (from terif :D ) and at the same time you have to take into mind, that most of his scores don't count.

Personally, i would like to see some division(s). premier, 2de divison or something like it.That is also a great stopper for easy win seekers. Afterall, you play ladder-games to be count, right?

Oke, i changed the stats. Reset all to "no game this month" exept the few that posted. Do i need to penalize some people ? That means, all that were in-active last month ?

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Zapp --- You're an Icon, come back soon. Don't waste any energy explaining every little thing.

88mm --- Metrics & statistics are just that...metrics & statistics. Terif is the King of SC, then the there are about 10 heavy-hitters, 20-average, & the rest are rookies. Sixteen of my losses are against the King. I could have picked on the pick & avoided Terif to pad my stats........you'll understand later. Bottom Line: Play me pal, lets see if your a heavy-hitter, average, or a rookie.

Hollywood, doing my job.

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Ow well. If everybody is happy with the current ladder, who am i to speak otherwise :cool:

And why shouldn't ZAPP explain some things, afterall i am totaly new at this and want to do it right.

About your invitation; make my day! :D

I have to warn you do, never played againts humans before, atleast with SC.

ps: About the avoiding issue. When the rules say (for example) that any top 10 player cannot refuse an invitation from Terif, you sure get your share. and when you also say that terif can't challenge you again the next 4 games he plays, you're not always the loot. Anyway there are more ways to rome....if you catch my drift

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