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The reinforcement/purchasing issue


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The ease with how you can create new armies and tank corps creates an interesting problem for the german player. Above all speed is essential for him and to reinforce will mean that two weeks up to two month will be lost just trying to refit.

Instead most players buy new units to avoid makin the original units stop the advance and lose a turn or two, especially if there is a lot of empty space ahead. This is very common at the russian front.

This is very unrealistic and a big problem.

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I don't see the difference between reinforcing a

unit (stationary for a turn) vs. building a new

unit (stationary for a turn). Plus if scorched

earth is on and you haven't taken very many

cities, then your ability to build new units near

the front will be very limited for the first 6-12

months or so. Plus there is the experience issue

(green units even tanks tend to take it on the

chin), and the cost issue (it's cheaper to rebuild

from 1 to 10 than it is to build a whole new unit).

I just don't see your point. :confused:

John DiFool

[ September 20, 2002, 02:04 PM: Message edited by: John DiFool ]

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The diffrence is that new units will alter the game to be very unrealistic. For example;

1 army strenght 10 can do 1 attack per turn.

5 army strenght 5 can do 5 attack per turn.

10 new airfleets create unrealistic havoc instead of you beeing careful with the 2 you have.

So you are right in the perspective that when it comes to reinforcements in reality it´s not so big diffrence. But in the game it works not properly, it´s not realistic that the germans easy can get 5-10 airfleets when they in reallife had 3 for the whole Barbarossa campaign.

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There is a difference between rebuilding a depleted unit and purchasing a new unit. A unit that attacks on turn one cannot attack on turn two if you decide to reinforce it. A unit purchased on turn one can attack on turn two. It's this leap frog approach that I think Kuniworth is referring to. The units that attacked in turn one will be reinforced in turn two, while the units you purchased in turn one will continue the attack in turn two. Attacking and reinforcing then are alternating between the units in order to keep the pressure on the enemy. The point about the limited ability to place units close to the front however does come into play however.

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Limiting unit purchases (for human player) is a good idea. Increasing unit purchases (for AI player) is a good idea. Not to take effect till January '43. Gotta' keep some balance in the game... a good player who chooses either Axis or Allied inevitably wins, regardless of what "what if" path is taken.

One of "what if's" involved taking Syria (as the Axis player), then denying the Soviets their oil/mines in the Caucases...way too easy. I would have liked to see the Soviets throw 5-10 inf. units in that Southern theatre to counterattack my units...

AI needs to increase purchases to counteract human player...



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