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To defeat the French before the Russians enter the war


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Well, I'm pretty new to the game myself, but I have twice conquered France before the Russians get involved. Go through the Low Countries; don't assault the Maginot Line directly. I know it seems like one-hex-a-turn in that crowded little corridor in the Low Countries, but once you capture the capital of the Low Countries, things open up. Use air power to whittle down units at key points. Encircle the enemy instead of assaulting it head on. Buy replacements for your troops; don't let them die.

Heh, for all my great advice, it does take me longer than it took the Germans historically. The AI may not be perfect, but it is quite capable of putting up a vigorous fight.

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My suggestion to keep the USSR from attacking to soon is this.

Keep 1 korp each in both cities on the eastern front. Warsaw and Koniegsburg. Also a naval unit in the port.

Increase the garrison with 1 unit every 3 months starting about june40, when 5 land units have been placed build a HQ to command them.

Even if you need to strip the east of its garrison because of some unforseen reason, try and keep a min. of 2 korp and naval unit.

It won't stop the Soviets completly but it should buy u time.

Keep an eye on the WAR MAP. when it goes into the 70's, prepare

have fun

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