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The Batttle of France Tournaments: Thoughts

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Now that I'm actually thinking about this, and playing a hot seat game with myself, I'm realizing that this tournament injects a whole new set of possibilites (and replayability) into old strategies. I mean, with the exception of the set rules, there are some opportunities to go way way ahistorical, which is ok (and actually great), and develop some new and bold strategies. Some might call them gamey, but since the whole point is just to get to Paris, who cares? It might even create a new strategy for the long term games. Here's some ideas (untried as yet) that might be exploited:

For the Axis:

1) Take Poland, then Hungary, maybe Rumania, then swing West in full plundered force.

2) Dump the Navy. Might not matter.

3) Take Latvian countries. You're there, take them, then swing West.

4) Combine 1 and 3 and just hammer with massive air.

There's more, but that's off the top of my head.

For the Allies:

1) Disband all air, make a couple of headquarters (French and British) and put a double line of corps up that can only be chipped away with the maginot holding a serious part of the line.

2) Move everything out of the Med, right away and again, double line of corps and have all air ready to defeat the Axis.

3) Have the Brits take Ireland AND Norway and rescue French with plundered forces.

4) Think Portugal.

5) Ignore the German subs. They only count in the long run.

6) Invade Denmark if Germany doesn't.

Remember one unit will stop Italy in it's tracks.

7) Use every British ship in a do or die stop the Germans bombardment. Then land a corps in kiel.

8) You don't have to worry about Sealion, it won't get that far. So strip England dry.

Anyways, that's off the top of my head and it shows me that this game has depth, such that you could actually have tournaments with this platform with many of the other scenarios. Just make the win be fast as you can, or what ever criteria. It makes you rethink the game. And it's consequences.

Curry, very cool tournament. The AAR's should be interesting.


We are the consequences of our decisions made. And not made.

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Brian, i dont think that you will have enough time to take Lativian countries, Hungary or Rumania. What you need is a quick breaktrough in the West. Dont waste your power units in the east.

The plunder you gain in Poland,Denmarc and LC should be enough.

The question for allies is if they have enough time for irland,norway or portugal.......they need their full power very early in france....

a lot of open questins...anyway...

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