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Gold Demo Release Notes

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This is included in the Demo package as a readme file but I thought it would be a good idea to include the official updates here for a reference as well.

Note: Some of these changes reflect portions that will only appear in the full version

Changes Made For v1.01 (July 12th 2002)

- added security patch for Gold Demo

- in the Fall Blau campaign there were two units named 4th Pz., one was renamed 5th Pz.

- fixed small bug with HQ unit attachments when units were transported, disbanded or operated

- fixed spotting bug for naval units when in port and trying to spot subs, had full range now

properly reduced to spotting range - 1

- fixed rare crash bug for when carriers move and then attack at sea

- fixed the German and French Mine resource bug, these two were linked in memory

- changed luftlotte to luftflotte

Changes Made for v1.0 (July 5th 2002)

- added play-by-email replay

- added a 'Disable Undo' option (this can be toggled at any time, but is locked in for


- added an 'SC.ini' file in the 'Strategic Command Demo' folder. This will allow gamers that

were experienceing sound problems to adjust for sound interruption, should eliminate long

waits during button clicks etc.

- also in the 'SC.ini' file you will be able to set a high refresh rate if you know your

system can support it

- pop up text boxes that were showing blanks on some systems should now show their


- abandoning allied positions in the Med may peak Italian interest into joining the war if

they have not already done so

- early Axis invasion of Baltic States prior to Soviet annexation will be much riskier in

terms of political fallout with Moscow. Initial political shock will be the same, but now

there will be a continued increase in Soviet war readiness

- USA and Italy will start with their full income if sneak attacked and units in the capital

will have an entrenchment value = 3. This does not make this strategy impossible but simply

much riskier

- air attacks against rocket and naval units as well as against fortified units (i.e. Maginot)

have been intellegently adjusted to limit AI baiting

- added SU unit to Riga for the start of Barbarossa

- added a few units to the 1940 SU setup

- adjusted the SU transfer of Siberian Troops to an open period instead of only when SU

existence is threatened during the winter months. (This one I really thought about, but I think

it would be reasonable since I don't think the original transfer was made due to weather but

rather because of the demands of the military situation at the time)

- extended save game file names to 38 characters from 20

- fixed 'next unit' bug when France was targeting units on the Maginot

- fixed dissapearing Allied units in Vichy when France surrenders, basically a message pops up

and says they surrender

- Axis units do now finally and properly move to nearest adjacent city when France surrenders,

so if Italian unit was in Africa moving towards Algiers they will move back to Tripolitania if

that city is still friendly etc.

- renamed 'Strausbourg' to Strasbourg

- renamed 'Massachusettes' to 'Massachusettes'

- decreased damages during naval Surprised movements in FoW

- decreased damages slightly for naval combat (a decrease by 1 point for all attack and defence

table values)

- added info for saved AI games, basically so you can tell what difficulty and computer bonuses

these games were set at

- increased max surface raiding in the Atlantic to 40 MPP to include the value of Liverpool

- increased individual sub raiding amount slightly in North Atlantic

- adjusted reduced spotting to now properly include Air Fleets, Bombers and Rocket Attachments

when spotting subs, basically spotting value - 1

- reduced disbanding value to about 50% less

- added an updated 'resource_strength_sprite' with an indicator for when strengths are < 5, this

will help to realize that some actions may be limited wrt these resources, i.e. no transporting

or operations etc.

- added a 'ScoreCard' for when you either defeat or have been defeated, keeps track of total

resources plunders, units destroyed as well as an early victory bonus or late victory penalty

- jet sounds now kick in at level 4 or higher

- added units to Turkey and Sweden and increased entrenchment for Swiss units

- fixed disappearing ships when you declare war on a country and have blocked their typical

start locations

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