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Rugged Defence teams ladder recruiting


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The Rugged defence team ladder is back working again after having no administration for some time.

In that time a number of teams have folded or lost members. If you wish to take over running an empty team or join one of the existing teams then please contact me at: leab@btinternet.com

The ladder address:


The teams that end with 'Disbanded!' are available to be taken over and re-named. At present I prefer not starting any new teams until the current ones are taken.

The teams I know that are recruiting:

USA - Great Lakes

USA - The Stonewall brigade

To see the team status page:


I am looking to make this a busy ladder again with future plans and ideas, I hope this appeals to you smile.gif

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Nice one Chad smile.gif

Some people have been asking how the teams’ ladder works.

Well most of the games are just like a normal PBEM battle against one opponent; the difference is that you are representing your team and nationality or state.

We do have team challenges where one team all plays individual games against another team. Recently we have also started playing Operations, but in these we have a different team player taking a separate battle of the operation. I do like the operations, you value your own troops a lot more when you know you have to pass the remnants on to one of your teammates tongue.gif

If you are already on the Rugged defence ‘individual’ ladder then you can ask your opponent for the battle to count on both ladders if they agree, which makes for higher stakes.

The amount of effort needed is not that much at all, people usually play the occasional game for their team, you just ask the team leader to fix up a game for you. Players need not worry about their experience level of the game, most teams have a wide variety and all the players and team leaders I know seem to be nice people.

We have ideas cooking for future events and a team tournament, also the ladder is updated on a regular basis, feel free to contact me if you are interested: leab@btinternet.com

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