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Scen Depot at CMHQ down???

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The servers running the whole TGN Scenario Depot are out-of-date or somefink. Here's a little exerpt from TGN's Theater of Operations website for TOAW which uses the same servers.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Depot Problems...

Over the last few weeks, our scenario depots have been slow and unresponsive. This problem developed gradually and was determined to be a traffic-related issue. We simply have too many people accessing too many depots for the current server to handle. Our initial response was to optimize the code as much as possible, which did provide some additional performance and delay the inevitable. However, it is now clear that the depots need some new hardware. Until that hardware arrives and is configured, please be as patient as possible. Just as it's difficult to get a list of new scenarios, it's also difficult for administrators to approve scenarios or edit them. We hope to have a resolution for this problem soon.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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