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how to discipline O/T post...

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Ok, I'm joking here so you can put the cap back on your flamethrowers :D

And let me be the first to point out the irony that this itself is an O/T post.

It seems that O/T posters come in 2 varieties:

1) New person to the CM Forum who should be forgiven once or twice.

2) Blatant post trying to receive the "Padlock"

My feeble mind suggestions these possible actions towards Posters #2:

A) Have BTS remotely activate this persons "AI Cheat Mode" on their CD (we know you can do this BTS). Increasing the cheat modify to correspond with how spitefull the moderators are feeling that day. ;)

B) Start a CM Forum posse and everybody send this O/T poster a 1-5 MB email attachement. If they only have a modem their email will be tied up for weeks.

C) If option B is tried and they have DSL or Cable then the "Posse" will find all the autosubscription sites and enter this persons email. Appropriate sites would be ballon and flower updates, Oxygen, and Rosie O'donnell daily email update.....

D) Activate the "Local CM Posse" in this persons city. Find out their schedule and drive in front of them with your left turn blinker on.

Any other suggestions?

Otto Mekanik

ps, I have a cable modem and already belong to all the "sissy" email updates so I am immune to any retaliation ...

*diabolical laugh*

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