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Sound settings

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I suggested the same thing a while ago and I was told to reduce the volume in the wav file. I haven't bothered to do it, but if you do, I am sure a lot of people will want your mod. I find the howling wind noise way too loud. The rain isn't so bad. The snow could use some crunch.

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Scipio, Pvt Ryan, it is very easy to decrease or even increase the wav files in the game. The background files:

00005000 generic background with guns

00005001 hvy rain with guns

00005002 wind with guns

00005003 rain with guns

00005004 bird sounds with guns

00005005 night sounds with guns

00005006 cricket sounds with guns

00005007 guns only

Now to change the volume start windows sound recorder and load the sound file from the wav subdirectory. There is an open command under "file". Next in "effects" you will find an order called decease volume by 25%. Click on this and run the file. If this is loud enough simply click on "file" again and click on "save".


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