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Priority Mail

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Steve and Charles

I guess I missed this before but I was reading Blackwood's post about UPS and I find out that you guys are shipping Priority Mail. I had just assumed it would be plain old first class. That would mean that most of us in the States should have CM for the weekend. A great touch. Thanks a lot.



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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by crocky:

Haven't you heard the latest

BTS have send copies overseas first and then progressively closer to the US

Sooooo everbody should have their copy about the same time about Fri 23rd wink.gif


MAN! eek.gif That would be TOO KEWL. I hope this applies to us APO people also. I was thinking it would be well into 10-14 days before I would see it, even with my 90 day preoder. I know..not as long as some of you have been waiting, but it sures feel like it's been decades! biggrin.gif

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