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Don't you love it when...

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You make what seems like a colossal blunder early in the game... stick it out, and wind up winning anyway? Makes for a very satisfying game.

I was playing a random meeting engagement. Got 2 nice platoons of infantry, a few heavy weap teams, a StuG III, and enough HTs to transport one platoon, the CO and a team.

I figured I'd load up one platoon and send it zooming into town, maybe get lucky and setup an ambush. The AI did the same thing with an M8... in one turn it took out all 4 HTs (easy as they were all in a nice line coming down the road) and my infantry went scrambling for cover.

I thought about quiting, but kept on and eventually won. My StuG earned it's pay that day... had 4 vehicle kills and about a dozen infantry.


"You know our standing orders. Out of ammo become a bunker, out of commission become a pillbox, out of time... become heroes." - The Beast

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