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window 2k problems

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Which version of CM are you playing ?

What video card do you have ? You may need to play around with your FSAA settings to see if this helps. I can't remember (too lazy to search) all the details about the Win2K text problems. Some of them had to do with the white-level of the text (which isn't completely white) being a little too high. This seemed to have caused a problem primarily with Win2K (Win9x was fine). I thought one of the previous patches addressed this particular issue (I can't remember that either...). Unfortunately I don't think you can modify this by just tinkering with the bitmap of the text (the RGB values used for text are coded within the executable).

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Sorry Randy, the only option I have found (on this board somewhere) that fixes the text problem in Win2k is to download an old Dell driver.

I did this and the CM text problem was solved but the driver is so slow and limits the resolutions that I could run at that I decided to put up with the impossible to read text in cm.

I can try to find it on my system and email it to you if you really want it.



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I have a viper v550 16 and I am playing with version 1.1b22

I guess if there is no solution I will just have to put up with it...it is playable just a little hard to read..but I have been playing for a while so I know what's what



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Your video card is based on an NVidia TNT chipset. The FSAA I mentioned earlier is not applicable to your card. The latest BIOS version for the V550 is 1.95c (for NTSC output or 1.93e BIOS boards only !).

BIOS update (check out readme's VERY thoroughly - otherwise you'll ruin your board):


Did you update to Win2K from scratch or did you upgrade a previous Win9x or NT installation ? If you have the Diamond InControl Tools installed, I'd suggest uninstalling them.

Since Diamond isn't providing a driver for Win2K (other than what may have come on the Win2K CD itself). You may want to try out the NVidia reference drivers. I'd suggest the 5.32 version for Win2K or any of the 6.xx series of Detonators. Avoid the 7.17 driver as it has DirectX bugs that will affect CM.

Reactorcritical's downloads (go to TNT/TNT2 section, the Win2K drivers are further down the list):


All of this may still not fix your text problem in Win2K. If that's the case email matt@battlefront.com and mention the text issue in Win2K (it may take him awhile to respond since he is in charge of BETA testing). He may remind Charles to experiment with this issue (if something hasn't already been done or it's been determined that the changes won't work consistently).

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