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Downloading the Mad Dog Mod packs

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Is there any place other than the CMHQ to download the mod packs? It's just that I am not getting good d/l times.

It'd be great if they were on Hotline, as I can resume the download if I get disconnected.


[This message has been edited by an international conspiracy of Euro-Anarchists.]

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Have you considered that your bragging here might be embarrassing since it does not respect the Taunt 101 Pro Forma?

Formerly known as Master Bates, you'll be the one being grinded...

You'd be either defeated by a Spawn of the Cesspool or the bitter victor of one.

As such, winning without peril you'd be triumphing without glory.

Bates, you self inflicted Pee Wee, it doesn't surprise me that you find it useful to express your anatomical overflow in a 3000 Pts Armor battle.

Now hear me, you will most certainly field King Tigers, Panthers and Tigers by the dozens.

You will be so full of willingness to AAR me in public that you won't have considered the most obvious fact:

I'd be playing the French and as such would surrender after the Setup.

You know nothing about humiliation,

I am born an humiliated self...



Either he's dead or my watch has stopped

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