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Converted Combat TV show theme song

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Based upon Madmatts and Mord's hints I have converted the theme song to now play properly in CM. I use it as my startup song and I think it's pretty cool. Also my thanks to Oddball_8, who helped me get started. If anyone has a site and wants to host it please post and let me know. Be advised that in order to hear it properly you have to play it in CM. Playing it outside of CM sounds very very slow.


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Sorry to act like a salesman for my company but we have developed a Java audio streaming technology that might do for this purpose.


For 56k it should be ok because it auto-detects the connection bit rate and sends out a .22 or .44kHz stream for the listener.

In fact, if someone wants to send me the sample I will host it as a test. Well?

send here




To download my scenarios: go to


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