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Newbie Question

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First off, I bought this game for 2 reasons: first, because of recommendations in gaming magazines and second because of this message boards. I couldn't find a negative comment about the game on these boards and people who posted actually seemed like adults.

The game rocks. But when issuing commands, is there a way to quickly jump to the "next unit" like in Steel Panthers? Or is there a way to see a list of units? If there is a way, I can't find it and it's kind of a pain to try to click on each unit to make certain commands have been issued before hitting "go". A list of units would be cool also for when I loose track of, say, my spotters--pulling up a list of units that lets you jump to the unit you select would save me a lot of searching time.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Before someone lights you up on this, let me give you some help.

The only way to page through units is with the +/- key's. There is no drop down menu as in CC or some of the other games.

Also, do a search on the topic within the forum. This has been discussed several times and you will find a truckload of info on it as to why it won't be included in the game..and from what I remember of the conversation, just about every aspect covered as to why it should or shouldn't be included.

Hope that helps ya.

GI Tom


To a New Yorker like you, a hero is some type of wierd sandwich.

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Yeah , watch out for the CM Borg....he/she/it is lurking somewhere out there....creeps up on you...and before you know it , you have been assimilated.

Its pure luck that i have survived this long with out the attention of CM Borg smile.gif

Btw , welcome to CM , enjoy the game and have fun.

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