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Passing the time - PITS

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I'd love to see a bunch of the Panthers in the Shadows scenarios

translated into CM scenarios. That would be neat, then fans could

play out there favorite PitS battles under the more realistic CM

system and see what happens. smile.gif

It would really make those drab PitS maps come to life to see

them in living 3D terrain for the first time. smile.gif

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Ralph D:

Try out the mailing list: HPSlist@egroups.com. You'll find the TOPII/PITS hardcore there. I PBEM'd this over almost 3 years, but alas, I'm too absorbed with the CM demo (PBEM) and Smolensk '41 to throw down the gauntlet.


Ralph, if you remember PitS and ToP2 against "Jim" (does "The Green Hell" PitS bocage scenario ring a bell?), drop me a reply and we'll chat off-line. I wondered what happened to you.

(Sorry for going off-topic there, folks...)

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