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AI cuts corners

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I noticed that often, we can aim (and be shot at!) across building corners, as if the buildings are actually smaller than the bitmaps would lead us to believe.

Is this like saying that the trees in Woods, Scattered Trees, Tall Pines, are "abstracted" trees, and are not really there? Are we seeing "abstracted" buildings?


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Why don't you check out these discussions, they MIGHT help answer your question:





For what it's worth I'm not trying to avoid answering your question. I just can't type all that stuff out as fast as you can read their questions and answers.

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Yep, feared so. Tis true, the discussion is well documented. Interestingly though, I just had a situation where a Flakpanzer that I had carefully adjusted to position it's gun at the very edge of a three story type building where it could receive only minimal return fire, managed to commit suicide. Every time it fired, (and it kept firing), the upper level of the building would explode, causing damage to the Flakpanzer below. The LOS showed a good and true line to the target, and did not intersect the building. Never-the-less, the 37mm gun would fire, the building would explode, and the Flakpanzer would take damage, eventually knocking itself out. The AI apparently never realized the damage was coming from it's own gun. Had it not been my unit, it would have been very funny.


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by patboivin:


So, this begs the question, has anyone tried building a mod where the buildings are not oversized?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

It's the underlining building models that do not match the LOS grid, users mods are only the texture lay overs that are applied to these models. It would be nearly impossible to change the building model unless you had the game code.

If you tried to make the walls look smaller by changing the bitmap texture then they might (most likly would not) not meet correctly at the corners. And you would still have some situation where the LOS/LOF goes through the middle of the house.

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