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Mods (specifically bridges)

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Some of us LOVE maps and like studying topo maps and like seeing contour lines, but this post isn't about that.

Some of us are also very handy with with graphics and 3D software applications (as witnessed by some very cool fan inspired CM appreciation web sites) and would LOVE to help out with Mods and cool new textures and design 3D bridges for the game that look like those from the area the Operation Market Garden took place in....


"Is this hard-coded then? If not, it would be a welcome addition to one of the Mad Dog mods (you listening, guys? ). Even though the LOS

and structural characteristics would remain the same, having the steel-girder look would be appreciated by the purists, I'm sure."

What I mean to say is how can we help out.

I understand that Steve and Charles can't do everything but I would like to volunteer to work on a 3D model or graphic that would look like a steel girder bridge that I think the scenario editor should have in its list of bridges.

So I would like to ask how can those of us who want to help out, begin to design things like, textures of tanks with penetration holes in them or bridges that look like stell girder ones. Of course I understand that Steve and Charles should and will have total control over all mods, but maybe there could be a way you folks at BTS could put some of us to work making MORE eye-candy for this great game.

I really think Steel girder bridges are a must of for this theatre of war. So I guess am a purist as described above.

I admit, I don't really get off on cool AFV's or guns or uniforms all that much, but I know many who do. I admit I'm more interested in seeing STUNNING eye candy like that in Myth II, and I would like to see nice terrain features like cliffs and and beaches and water falls and meandering streams and buildings modeled as nicely as all those uniforms and AFV's

I'm just asking about how some of us can help out and send in some more new eye-candy.

I would like to know how to make our models or graphics sized and combatible with your game. You know, questions like what file format and what size and resolution are you looking for (if you would like some of volunteers to help out)

thanks again

-tom w


<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Have you thanked BTS by buying your SECOND copy of CM yet?" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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