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It used to be.....

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Yah frown.gif


Fight for your right!To play CM!:)

Join Rob's CMMC today Email me at <A HREF="mailto:Robisme_ca@hotmail.com


</A> Rob

For more info on Rob;s CMMC go to Robs CMMC HQ

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Well, we can't do anything about this situation, so we have to figure out how to deal with it. As I see it, there are 2 methods of coping:

1. Blame the Mod Makers

Obviously, they are slacking. If they were sending Madmatt anything, he'd sure be posting it.

2. Be Thankful

We are now spared the daily wade through a page of self-aggrandizing "I'm so cool, look what I posted today" text to get to the stuff we want to download. I get enough of that in the Cesspool biggrin.gif



In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is strength, in water there is bacteria.

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Well hopefully soon there will be....


The Maximus CM Mod HQ

This site will be host to a plethera of mods from myself and others.

[End Signature]

Where you can send me your mods and I'll get'em posted.

And I promise not to glorify my unholiness. biggrin.gif

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Guest Madmatt

Yeah, well you can all STILL BITE ME!

And just to rub it in, there IS an update ready tonight and I only say I am better cause it's true!


p.s. Truth be told, I was getting pretty burned out with CMHQ way before Battlefront hired me... frown.gif


If it's in Combat Mission, it's on Combat Mission HQ!

Combat Mission HQ

CMHQ-Annex, The Alternative side of Combat Mission and home of the CMMC


Host of the Combat Mission WebRing

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