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From AH’s SL/CoI to Combat Mission in 24 years.

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A box cover caught my eye once a long time ago while shopping for my children at a “Toy’s “R” Us” store in southern California. Avalon Hills ‘Squad Leader” From there I moved into GHQ, CinC and Ros heroics “Micro armor” 1/285th and 1/300th scale miniatures battling for many enjoyable years. Twilight 2000, Doom and X-Com started me into PC gaming 7 years ago with Steel Panthers coming along and stealing the show. I own 50 to 60 computer games, play the good ones a couple of months and the poor ones a few days or less. Steel Panthers always is the ‘Ole reliable that just keeps staying in the CD drive. Combat Mission will replace it now, after several years of great gaming.

Now I own Combat Mission. What a marvelous design! The only MINOR flaw (it may be only in my opinion) is the interface makes it a bit difficult to control larger units. The pluses to this game so outweigh this minor inconvenience. There are so many items within this game that are nothing short of fabulous! I would buy it, play it and keep it for years if it had 10 major flaws, it is so well done.

Overall (in my opinion) Combat Mission ranks with the classics of days past Doom, X-Com, Jagged Alliance and Steel Panthers. When I purchase a new game I always wonder while I am installing it “is it as good as one of these classics?” If it is, wonderful, I am going to have great fun!

An incredibly well done game accompanied by an excellent manual. Well worth my $53.00. Well done and thank you Big Time Software. As an old veteran (Cross of Iron) of the eastern front, I will be in line waiting to buy the next one.

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I too came up from the SL and ASL ranks. Have seen the many computer box wonders and found most wanting. Why, could "they" not make something as good as the old ASL/SL?!

"They" have, you have found it.

The day is coming when you will fight for just one more block before the snow falls.

And you will be very good, having learned your trade on the Western Front.

Welcome Abbott!


"The Legitimate object of war is a more perfect peace."

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