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Anyone Have (nonFRAPS) Demo Video

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Trying to get a friend involved in playing CMBO. He loves the period - but is not very PC savvy.

We all know that seeing is believing so I wonder if anyone has a good 2 minute or so clip.

Perhaps one that features some good mods? If he orders from BF I promised to burn him a disc w/ all the goodies that I have collected over the years.



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Originally posted by stikkypixie:

Have you tried youtube? I found this one, maybe there are others:

Video here.

Why does it have to be none FRAPS?

Yea, I saw that one - guess I'm going to have to use it.

RE:FRAPS - I just don't feel like getting into the whole - install this/click on that/download this/play that, etc.

I am going to have enough trouble if and when he gets the game.

I cut my teeth on RBII modding. RBII had a very tricky file structure that was easily corrupted if you made a wrong move. The CM series is a dream to mod by comparison - IF - you are used to this sort of thing. My friend most definitly is not.

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