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German Floating Icons by Theejl

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this mod from Theejl is my favorite floating icons mod.

However it is working for CMBN and CMFB only. I know he made also a version for CMFI and CMRT. But as he write himself in the description he "messed up the alpha channel".

So it looks like this



But i prefer the symbols in full square



Now, does anyone know if there is an easy way to fix the alpha channel?

I'm no expert in graphics making nor do i have professional software like photoshop.

I know about canadian cats symbols, they are quite similar. They will be my second choice if i don't find any solution.

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I play with Graphic Programs first Photoshop and now the Affinity Suite. You can make as many Alpha Channels as you like. Delete the one which give you problems and create a new one. It is just a transparent layer which allows to edit without affecting your project.

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Thank you so far.

Before i decided to introduce myself into a new graphic program i have gone another way.

Taking a closer look into the mod folder of the "not broken alpha channel version" and seeing that the icon files for CMFI have just to be renamed "italian", i did that with the bulk rename tool.

Did the same for CMRT and also i could easily change the color of the icons to red with irfanview. And i'm quite satisfied with the result.

So as long as there are no icons/units in CMFI/CMRT which are not in CMBN this should do it for me.

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