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Game malfunction 

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When im playing CMSF,invariably, the turn progress button becomes unresponsive. But the screen itself does not freeze. Can this be remedied by changing some setting? Or is it because my PC is too slow?
By the way, my gpu is gtx1660ti and in-game settings are the fastest.

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Are you playing CMSF (Combat Mission Shock Force - 2008 Syrian invasion) or are you playing CMAK (Combat Mission Afrika Korps - WW2 North Africa) ? CMSF offers both a 'turn based' and a 'real time mode', while CMAK only offers a turn-based style of play. I assume you're running in a turn-based mode for the issue that you're having.

A GeForce GTX 1660 Ti should be fast enough to play either game. CMSF is an OpenGL based game, while CMAK is a DirectX 5/6/7 based game. I'm not aware of any patches to either game that would address an issue of the 'turn progress button becoming unresponsive'. So for CMSF you do not get a response when clicking either the Play/Pause, Skip to End, Fast Forward or Rewind buttons ? Does the game remain unresponsive from here on out and you can't do anything at all or does the turn playback end and you can proceed to playing the next turn ?

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