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Superb German S-Boot doc

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When brother George told me to watch Stukas of the Sea, I not unreasonably thought it had to do with Ju-87s against maritime targets. Oh, was I ever surprised! Instead, I was treated to the history, organization and combat use of the S-Boote, part of. which consisted of a bunch of interviews by various former commanders and an engineering officer as well. The footage was amazing and of really good quality. If inshore warfare by small craft is your thing and/or you play such games as Cruel Seas, you'll feel like you've attained nirvana. Wish there was a sequel of this gem, one that really got into combat actions which resulted in some 40 Knight's Crosses and a bunch of higher awards as well. There is a considerable amount of material even so, including what appear to be wartime animations showing S-Boot tactics.


John Kettler

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