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Do difficullty levels affect the general spotting mechanics?

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For spotting you also need to look at the experience of your units. Veterans for example spot better than a conscript. Combat stress levels also play a role. Infantry spot better than armor for example. Sometimes I think the game mechanics suck sometimes. Example a sniper unit spots a pillbox but the FO next to him ends up with a tentative contact only while both have binoculars and laser designator. 

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As far as I understand, no. 

The only difference in spotting is the amount of information available on spotted unit, e.g. on basic training you will immediately get all the info on the tank model, applied damage etc. 

Besides, all the advantages you get are also provided for AI. So if you get shorter arrillery call times, AI gets them as well, making your life really miserable. 


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Read the Game Engine 4 manual and do some tests. On the higher settings units appear as generic contacts but not as fully identified contacts. I never tested it as such but feel more effort is needed during the contact phase to generate contacts on the battle field. What I found is a big help replay the BN Devon Basic Training Tutorial on Iron and make one squad red and 2 squads blue. Hide your Red Force and see what it takes for Blue to spot them. You will see in the open to spot infantry inside a building on hide is impossible. Hiding infantry inside a building spots infantry in the open. Unit inside the farmhouse make full contact. 


The scouts and the squad don't make contact with units inside the building. They remember when blue force was still in their proximity. 


I found this a good way to test spotting in various situations. 

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