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DFDR Mod ?

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IMHO, wouldn't you be better off modding the Italians in CMAK into Vichy French? The French and Italians had similar weapons systems (both small arms and tanks) - more so than the Germans. Its been something I've been thinking about when pondering potential Syrian campaign scenarios for CMAK.

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You are correct. I already have a uniform set for CMAK. Add BO flags and markers etc.

I even pondered converting the BO scenario to CMAK.

My curiosity is wanting to see what was in the BO mod.

(besides, I suck less at BO than AK)

I recently read a couple of paragraphs about the Vichy forces defeating the CW in the MTO but I can't seem to find the source at the moment.

Let me know if I can help with your project.

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Found it at AHF by David Lehmann, in part:

"After the 1940 Western campaign, one can for example mention Operation Exporter (invasion of the French Levant = Lebanon + Syria) from 8th June to 11th July 1941. During this campaign, there were ad hoc formations with a total between them of 90 Renault R35 and FT17 tanks.

The allies (British, Indian, Australian, Free French) had a lot of difficulties when facing the Renault R35 tanks because they lacked proper AT guns to counter them. The British then used their 25 Pdr in AT role. In this campaign, the R35 fought with great success At Kouneitra for example they forced the 1st Bn, Royal Fusiliers to surrender for the first time of its history (470 POWs). It was cut off by a Vichy counter-attack and the entire battalion was lost. "

French tanks given a bad rap?

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My Syrian campaign source is largely Australian-centric (Official History - Gavin Long, Greece, Crete and Syria).

Has a few examples of the French tank counterattacks. I was looking at a few in particular because infantry vs infantry can get a bit boring. The only problem is tank vs tank action in Syria was quite rare, but you can find a few instances of French tank counterattacks being stopped by CW guns.

Can scan some bits of my source but will need a while to do it.

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