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BMP list for CMBO

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I recently dusted off the ol game and went to play the classic "Fear in the Fog." I must have tweaked the bmp's a long time ago because i get no fog! I did the ol <Alt> W (or is it <Shift> W) LOL I know I did the right one because I read it off of the help menu. Anyway. It didn't work.

I'm thinking I deleted the bmp's or replaced them or something and have long lost the originals (save on the cd itself) basically I want to try to just restore the fog if possible. Come to think if it. Is it even a bmp?!?!!

Thanks for any help you can give!

PS I tried a search but came up blank.

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Fog is not a bmp.

If you have an ATI video card you will not see fog. Period.

Go to cmmods and get the CMMOS 4.05 under designer MikeT and all the mods under designer CMMOS. (Your old style cmmos mods will not work with 4.05. You can of couse still use the older CMMOS and it's mods.)

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Hey! Thanks for the quick response. I was actually coming back here to send another message out that I found several lists (I didn't see the archives down there the first time!) I came to the same conclusion that the weather is probably not bmp files.

Thanks for the tip. I'm gonna try that!

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