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I’ve been reading the memoirs of Sepp Allerberger (Sniper on the Eastern Front by Albrecht Wacker) and it’s frequently mentioned how leaders were targeted to break up attacks and disrupt defences. This seems to have been common practice amongst snipers of all nationalities and is perfectly logical behaviour.

Does anyone have any information (whether anecdotal, or otherwise...) about how Snipers function within the game? Specifically, do they actively target leaders when firing at units? If left to select their own targets, will they fire on HQ units before targeting subordinate units?

Any game tips for using them when attacking would be appreciated too - I always find them incredibly difficult to move into useful positions without them getting shot to bits, whilst if moved to target a heavily suppressed unit, enough damage has usually already been done.

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One has to keep em at max distance.  At least 300m, preferably 500m+.

Move SLOW (ie crawl) the last few meters to the vantage point you want them to spot from. 

Many have asked that CM2 eventually feature an "Ambush" feature for snipers and AT teams in which they would wait, spot, shoot and after shooting immediately displace to another location/waypoint chosen by the player.

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