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Tons of Russian Military Books--(Cross post of sorts)

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This is a kind of cross post, except this one will show you a sample of what Other Publishers via distributor AviaPress has available--in Russian--pertinent to GPW and Russian AFV enthusiasts. Selecting a book will sometimes kick up the info a great set of pages showing the interior of the book, not the nonsense Amazon has in its "Look Inside" feature. Many instead have a video. Saw a book on Amazon covering Russian GPW combat photography with not a single photo in the sample! Called Amazon about that gaffe. These books aren't cheap, but they look first rate to me and are on heavy enamel stock, making for the best results on photos and illos.

Main link

OTH-567  SU-152 and other self-propelled guns on the chassis of KV

World of Tanks series. Hard Cover book. 264 pages, format 205 x 265 mm. Text in Russian. Collector's edition with higher quality coated paper. Very rich illustrated, many photos and pictures.



Image Credit: Other Publishers via AviaPress


OTH-228 Aviation at the Kursk-Orel Salient Battle July 1943


Image Publishers: Other Publishers via AviaPress


There is lamentably little information on the specifics of what has to be a real tome. In fact, there's practically nothing online at all. Why is it a tome? It costs just north of $150!  Once you see the sample, though, you'll see why. 

OTH-174 Red Army book


Image Credit: Other Publishers via AviaPress

For comparison, here's the book covering Russian artillery starting in the 17th Century. All range of Russian and Soviet Artillery systems that was on service from XVII century and practically all experimental samples, photos, schemes, description, history of creation and using. Hard cover, 900+ pages, more than 2000 photos! Price is within a few dollars of the Red Army book.


OTH-046 Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet Artillery Weapons


Image Credit: Other Publishers via AviaPress

Looks like wonderful stuff, but I suggest havingwhite-coated men with oversize butterfly nets and a straitjacket on hand, for this way lies madness!


John Kettler

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John, hate to disappoint you, but the "tome" does not cost >$150, but less than 1500 rubles (about $25). Here is  a link, you can even order it:


It is about 350 pp, so not a small book but not quite a "tome" in my view.

You would obviously love some of the bookstores in Moscow...

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