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Metis usage

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So, I've been playing Going to town again as the Russians, and I've found that the source of my biggest frustration are my Metis teams.

Their hit chance seems to be a coin toss at best, so I came to ask if there's something I'm possibly doing wrong. I'm constantly able to get the drop on enemy armor and position the team with good line of sight, and still.

I've done a bit of testing with the attached save file, and I've gotten around a 40% hit rate. The team is undetected, the weapon is deployed, the line of sight is completely clear. 

So, what gives? The only idea I have is that they're firing from a building. Is the self inflicted suppression a factor here? 


Here's the save file:


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It seems ATGMs have been designed with a pretty high failure rate as a general rule. The old AT-3 Sagger in CMSF was positively awful. AT-4 was better but still pretty bad. The "better-than-previous-but-worse-than-later" standard seems to hold. AT-13 Metis-M may be better than the others but worse than AT-14 Kornet.

There's so many variables to factor in. Cross-winds, haze, fog. rain, crew training level and suppression levels, ECM. If I had tested those out it was so long ago I can't recall my conclusions. Except worse environment produces worse results.

I just recall a (real world) factor having to do with ATGMs. Longer range increases accuracy, often by quite a bit. One supposes because the missile spends the first few hundred meters of flight trying to properly center itself along its trajectory.

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I've had real problem's firing most ATGM in buildings, the large amount of suppression they receive seems to mean they 'guide' poorly and usually miss. Even the ones like AT-7 which supposedly only have a small amount of suppression still often miss for me if fired from inside.

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