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Text On Waypoints Issue (again)


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This time, I have an inf unit that has several waypoints.  I first order it to HIDE.  The text "Hide" appear over the waypoints.  Then I change my mind, and unpress the HIDE button.  The "Hide" text stays on the waypoints, even though the unit no longer has a HIDE command active.

I have save file...

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I've seen this too, usually where I've plotted waypoints, hit "Hide," then added one one waypoint and unclicked "Hide." "Hide" then stays on the earlier waypoints but is removed from the last one. I'm not sure whether it's a glitch, or if it means that the unit will Hide at each way point excpet the last one, where it will Un-Hide. I think the latter would be a cool feature but I haven't tested it.

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The implication of what you said is that a player cannot stop the unit from Hiding at each waypoint - without presumably deleting all waypoints and starting again.  Seems like a glitch.  Anyway, glad it's not just me seeing this. 

And congrats on being the other player of CMBS.   :P

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