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Russian S-300 & S-400 SAM/ATBM/ABM issues

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Let me start by saying I don't know what the reliability numbers are for the Patriot, the closest land based comparable weapon system, but I do find what's shown here to be provocative and worthy of attention. It's shocking, too, when viewed from a traditional Russian rigorous security standpoint. During the Cold War, I guarantee 20 years at hard labor would've been a minimum sentence. Not only does this piece have the S-300 fail some of you have seen, but Tyler Rogoway, who runs Foxtrot Alpha, provided a second video in comments which makes that one seem tame--and offers an intel bonanza. I should note that one reply from a Russian argue this missile was taken from old stocks.




This is a fairly long piece, with a very nice vid showing what I believe the most stripped down version of the S-400. This firing unit does have the GRAVESTONE acquisition and engagement radar, but it lacks the BIG BIRD acquisition radar which continually depicts the full air picture to a considerable distance. While the GRAVESTONE does rotate, because of its design, it functions much like the Patriot engagement radar, being able only to see over a 120 deg arc. The comments have a sea of great pics of Russian EW gear and platforms.


I provided the above because I think it is essential to actually see the hardware in action, bearing in mind that even if EW is being applied in some instances, there are no combat stress, sleep deprivation, hunger and effects from prolonged operations, SEAD/DEAD and various SOF and guerrilla actions in play. In relative terms, this is a benign operating environment.


John Kettler

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