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The old semi-official site that has 95% of the CMBO mods is CMHQ at combatmission.com.

Pay it a visit, and go into the Third Party mod section that you'll find in the upper left-hand corner.

Find the German tanks and flip through all the pages. Somewhere in there there should be a Normandy Tiger by Gordon Molek.

If you can't find it in 3rd Party, it will be in the CMMOS section.

CMMOS probably works best with CMBO at this point because it covers almost everything that has been done. There is at least one Normandy camo Tiger in CMMOS 4.03. The nice thing about the old cmbo cmmos is that everything is clearly labeled once you install it.

If you don't want to install it, just find the Tiger that you need and strip the extension off the bmp number. However, if you dig through third party mods you'll find the non cmmos version (with a picture) anyway.

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