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  1. I'll answer this one,Done when it's done.Or at least that's what we've been told.
  2. I'd like a mod/skin site.I'd like a normandy skin of the tiger{that's all I need}Thanks in Advance.p.s. If you know of many just give the top 5.
  3. I said that because battleships and such have the biggest average weaponry.
  4. Sweet,and I'm going to say something...GUNS ARE FUN,GUNS ARE SUPER,THEY'RE SO COOL,THEY'RE SO UBER{A quote from Maustanker}
  5. Hey I just thought of something,will the Korea,Vietnam or modern expansion have helicopters.And will there be the inclusion of flak.
  6. Oh I spelt so many things wrong....Oh well as long as nobody cares.
  7. Hey it actually worked glad to see my ships are there,Hipper,Hood,King George,illustrious,Bismark and Tirpitz.It all coming together{now imagine evil cackiling and me scheming}
  8. Oh wait no you didn't Meh.But stillI like my cannons and AA guns.
  9. Yeah that all sounds good but you forgot ramming.But I still prefer the 14 inch cannons firing on each other plus I a World War 2 fanatic.Thanks for the site Frenchy{Hope it works I got dial-up}
  10. Can't say I would buy or download those,mainly because of the weaponry available at those times.And just wondering is there going to be ships like the Hood,Bismark,or Tirpitz?{don't tell me to go to a link it never works}
  11. Good plan,Very good plan.In light of this news I pledge to you know that I will probably buy at least one expansion of the game.{If I remember}
  12. Yeah but it didn't have forward firing MG's.and the turret reduced speed and aerodynamicy.
  13. Wait did you say adding the Russians?If you do add the IL-2 Sturmovik{my 2nd fav}
  14. And sorry for asking,but I tried to look at the planes but It wouldn't load.
  15. Yes,my Favourite plane.This game looks like...hmmm how should I describe it{Drool,and lots of it}
  16. I've never heard of DIF before but I'm going to buy it.It sounds awesome,and looks better.{Drool...more Drool,1 minute need napkin}
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