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OK, here is the basic summary of feedback for my Combat Mission Convention idea.


TFCC = too far can't come


So, I will still aim to gather in October with my key PBEM buddies and any other interested CM fans in my "armor target arc" radius of say 100km?


So, maybe all over the world we can declare that weekend in October as #GlobalCombatMissionDay ?


Draw a 100km circular target arc around your hometown and find a bar to gather up in. One with a big screen TV and MAYBE we will get a special event from BFC? If not, drink a toast and meet your opponents.


I am working on creating a meetup group online so possibly it could be at your disposal to assist in locating CM folks near you versus using the BFC forums. I am learning exactly how it works so give me a bit. :D


OK, the website is www dot meetup dot com and seems to have a good international ability. I checked London, UK and Berlin, Germany at least!


My group (Our group I hope you can say sometime soon!) is International Combat Mission Meetup and search that and take a look. 

Then as key people out there contact me for each location of a CM cell, we can establish a meetup for your specific area for the #GlobalCombatMissionDay and folks will RSVP and you get to drink BEER togther maybe and shake hands and play a hot seat game etc etc . :D

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