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How to overcome the Americans Tech advantage? Spoiler alert!!!!

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I am playing the Russian campaign, I am on the 5th mission, old town I think its called...


Every street is either covered by a Bradley or Abrams and I'm sure there is a Javelin team or 2 somewhere in deeper inside the town, so I am finding it really hard to make much headway...


I started with a massive bombardment as I thought that might at least soften up the defenders...but it did not make much difference as far as I can tell...


Also the APS on the Bradley's is hard to get through, I know that attacking from multiple directions simultaneously would probably get a kill, but doing that during a battle requires a fair bit of luck...


Has anybody any tips?



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Start with a heavy arty bombardment of the church using your 203mm pieces (cross your fingers in the hope that you don't destroy both church towers in the process - they will make excellent observation points throughout the scenario)


Use your infantry to scout ahead and find enemy vehicles, then use artillery to take them out or destroy enough subsystems to make them ineffective (this is more likely to happen when you target Abrams tanks - they are extremely tough to kill outright with arty).


Expect heavy casualties from whatever vehicles and infantry that you don't spot right away, it is more of less unavoidable in that particular scenario.  

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Cheers Dane..


I have some arty spotters in the Church, a forward air controller and an arty spotter, I will unload the Infantry and use them to scout ahead through the town...


This scenario is kind of like a hi tech Stalingrad type situation, close range with extremely deadly high tech weapon systems...

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