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Educating Kids--Finnish Style!

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As someone who grew up with schooling consisting in large measure of rote memory work and canned, approved answers to various problems, I practically ache in reading about not just the radically different Finnish approach to education, but the head bursting academic successes it has created. How I wish I'd been able to go to school that way, rather than resembling, in fair measure, the poor devils at 2:20! I was run by the clock, a strict dress code and so much homework that sometimes I didn't get done until 10 PM. As a 4th Grader! Fortunately, despite the very real religious impositions of going to parochial school, the facts are that I was taught and did learn critical thinking, starting at, say, 4th Grade. But I had nothing like the educational opportunities afforded the children of Finland. Play time was limited, the nuns strict, and I didn't even encounter a foreign language class until high school.  



What the Finns are doing works, what we do here in the US doesn't, and our dropout rates fully reflect this. Hats off to the Finns!




John Kettler

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