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sounds wrong

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I 've been trying to make CMBB work on win 7 - no problems, everything runs as it should with patch 1.03.

The only issue, is that the in-game sounds are played at like, double their speed.


I mean, the voices have a freak high pitch, same goes for machine guns volleys, which seem to be shooting 3000 rounds per min.

Even the tune on the splash screen.


Is there any known solution to this?

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I'm not familiar with this problem and its solution. Do you have DirectX 9.0c installed ? Windows 7 does NOT come with all of the DLLs/files for DirectX 9.x and earlier, so it might help in some manner (but not be the real solution here). You may want to try getting the game to run on a single core and see if that somehow helps, which seems to be necessary for Windows 8.x:


To do this (and you have to do this every time you play the game, unless you find an utility to set the 'affinty', like Process Lasso), launch the game and go through the 2D menus to select the options for your battle, operation or QB. Once you get to the 3D screen Alt-Tab to minimize the game. Now perform a 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' and select 'Task Manager'. When the Task Manager comes up click on the 'Details' tab and look for the game executable ('Barbarossa to Berlin.exe' for CMBB) and right-click on it. Select "Set affinity" from the popup menu. Here you will be presented with a list of check boxes for all of the cores (and one to select all of them), uncheck them ALL and then select just one, perhaps the 'CPU 1' if you have a dual core CPU or 'CPU 3' if you have a quad core CPU. Click 'OK' and then close up the Task Manager. Now maximize CM and it should hopefully run a little faster.


An user commented that they were able to set the Affinity BEFORE going to the 3D screens and it worked fine for them.


Do you know what sound chip/card you have in your system ? Have you tried updating the drivers (if there is anything newer) to see if that may help ?

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I tried following your suggestions.. but nothing.


- Affinity was already set to core 0 (i have 4 cores, hyperthreading disabled)

- My soundcard is the common realtek chip, mobo integrated. I downloaded and installed the newest version

- Directx 9 are installed, did that with the websetup (last time after the release of gta v, so I think they're up to date).


I also run CMBB in compatibility mode, windows 98/ME.


Being just a marginal bug, I'm not gonna lose my sleep over it, besides, game works and it's great as it was thirteen years ago.

I was wondering if it is a sort of common issue CMBB has with modern hardware, but anyway. Thx for ur reply

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