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Axis of Evil

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This is a favorite scenario for this game but I need some input- is it possible to win as the Axis (Germany, Italy and USSR as allies)?  


Usually I start out well- quickly overrun W Europe. The big problem seems to be in the Far Eat. The USSR has to carry the load in that theater and seems positioned badly to do so. It only has two ports to deploy Nval forces or to create and launch amphibious operations from. What happens is I get a declaration of war from China after overrunning Manchuria then quickly get bogged down there. I seem to be on the verge of conquering the Japanese mainland but just cannot quite get it done. Meantime the US is churning out transports with ground forces and getting a lot of them through to China.


Would I be better off ignoring China, even with a war declaration? One thing that could help would be if I could transport German forces to the Far east using the 'operate'  method but I cannot seem to move them over USSR territory. Input welcome.  

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Hi Panzer1962


Glad you like this campaign. :)


I've just checked the scripts (been a while since I played this) and if possible, it might pay to delay the invasion of Manchuria until the USSR can defeat the Japanese and be ready to engage the Chinese. Reason being that the Chinese will mobilize when Soviet forces are present near either Tsitsihar or Hsinking.


Whether it pays overall to delay while your forces build up in the east is a good question, and I can only suggest trying it out and seeing how things go.

In terms of moving German units to the east, Germany and the USSR are allies but like with relations between the west and the USSR during WW2, they aren't co-operative so Germany cannot operate over Soviet territory.


You could always make a mod of this campaign where they are cooperative if you want to test out the difference it would make.


To do this, open up the Editor and then open up the campaign within it.


Select Campaign -> Edit Country Data -> USSR


and tick the box for Cooperative? which is about 2/3 of the way from the left, fairly near the top under the heading "Status".


Then click on File -> Save As, give the campaign a new name, and once it's finished saving (might take a few minutes) use this mod to try it out.


I hope this helps! :)



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Bill- belated thanks!


I did as you suggested and made the USSE cooperative with the Germans. It makes all the difference. I am able to do German naval builds in Soviet Pacific ports as well as move ground/air forces via operation to the Far East. I am now running a test game and am up to mid 1943; The Axis are mopping up. I never would have figured out how to change that setting, it is appreciated!

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