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Ukraine campaign scenario 1 Noob needs help+what are ok losses

silent one

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I tried the planned tactic of frontal use of firepower.that went bad.

Tried to use cover of road almost everything on the right couple of left behind atgm on L flank. That worked better but I can't seem to be able to flank the bmp,s on the tree line without loosing several of those rubbish wheeled ifv,s

Anyone got any good tactics with no arty it turns into a bit of a tank rush to gain localised firepower superiority.

Since this campaign has no replenishment how many vehicles and men can I afford to loose in scenario 1

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I did quite well by moving a platoon of BTRs past the tree line on the right flank, suppressing and reducing the buildings then clearing it out with the infantry.  I then moved the tanks up in box formation until one gets lased and pops smoke, I then moved off the road to the right and used the tree line as a bit of concealment got lased a few times which meant and automatic smoke screen.  I was able to use this to get my tanks on line to flank the BMPs, and I made quick work of them, I moved up the BTR platoon that was still behind the walled compound to provide infantry support for the tanks then assaulted trough the built up area with the tanks hitting all of the objectives and clearing out the infantry.  I never even used the BTR platoons on the left right road, I held them in reserve the whole time.


Use your tanks as tanks use your BTRs only as local support for their infantry squads, if you try to use them as fighting vehicles you are going to have a bad day.

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I played this mission twice now. It was also my first mission in CMBS at all.


In the 1st attempt I won the mission by only loosing one IFV (it got hit at the staging area by long range autocannon fire from a BMP) and I think 1-2 tanks recieved light damage.

In the 2nd attempt I won the mission without any losses (1 tank lost his main gun though).


In both attempts I used the same tactic:

I used the tank platoon in a line formation to advance through the open field with two stops. The 1st stop was more on the left flank of the open field shortly after crossing the dirt road on elevated ground with LOS to the town. All 4 tanks crested simultanously and spotted some IFVs which they destroyed. About 2 of the tanks got lased and reversed with smoke, but the other two tanks killed the lasing IFVs quickly. I moved the tanks to the 2nd battle position after the tanks killed everything they could see from the 1st position. The 2nd stop was a bit closer to the town, this time on the right flank of the open field, just to the left of the road. It was another elevated position on a crop field and it was the same procedure: Cresting simultanously, killing every IFV in LOS. One of the tanks got hit though, by an enemy ATGM in the process and lost it's main gun. It was the only tank with LOS on this IFV, so the other tanks couldn't shoot back. I switched the damaged tank with one of the other tanks which then killed that IFV.


I let one rifle platoon and the weapons platoon as well as coy HQ travel behind the tank platoon but kept them below the elevated positions. Only when the tanks where on their 2nd position I let the rifle platoon advance from behind the 2nd tank position which was just left of the road to the very left side of the town through low ground. But the mission was over before they reached the town.


I let the other two rifle platoons advance on the road (one platoon on each side of the street in column formation). When they reached the bump on the street I let the first two IFVs of each platoon crest it. The two leading IFVs stopped behind the bump and the two trailing IFVs stopped on top of the bum, so they hat LOS and LOF above the leading IFVs to the end of the street. They spotted 1-2 enemy BMPs and a recce IFV which they all destroyed with their autocannons. From there I let the two platoons slowly advance on the road to the town, occasionally killing some enemies with their autocannons. By the time they reached the town the mission was won because the russians gave up.



So I killed almost everything with my 4 tanks and some enemies with my IFVs on the road. I did not enter the town at all nor did I had to dismunt any of my troops. Those two attempts are still the best attempts I had on any mission in CMBS :)

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