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small doubts

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Came to me some doubts.
In the first mission of the Russian campaign, under the 1st Tactical Group Co HQ there is a squad of three men called Command Team. What is the function of this unit? 
Comparing the target detection capability of scout teams and squads rifles, even both having the same optical equipment, is there any difference in the ability to scan the ground? Or in general terms because the small number of scout teams, they are more efficient in recognizing, as they are more difficult to detect?  :ph34r:
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Scout teams don't get a bonus to spotting just because it says "Scout" on the top of the info pane. If they have the same equipment and Experience and Leadership, the rifle team has the advantage of having more eyeballs looking out, but the disadvantage of having more bodies lying around to be seen. Small groups make the best scouts, because they are easier to hide. Also, in QBs they're cheaper to bump up to high levels of Experience and Leadership to be more effective, because the added soft factors affect fewer troops.

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