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PbEM Question

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So a friend and I want to do a PbEM in Shock Force. We know how to go about doing so (set up passwords, etc, etc). However, he and I don't have the same modules. I have SF with Marines, he has them all. We want to play a battle that is on the Marines module. I set up my password and sent him the file, but when he sent me back his file (002) after setting his password it doesn't show up in my saved games menu. I placed it in my incoming email folder, so my question is: "Do the difference in Modules make it so we can't play PbEM?

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You both should be able to play if your limiting yourselves to content that you both share (in this case, CMSF base game and Marines module). However, if your games are patched to different levels, then the PBEMs will not work. You both need to be at the same version, with the last patch for CMSF being the 1.32 patch. The NATO module brings the game up to 1.30 automatically. The Mac version of CMSF is already at 1.32 (no patches to install).

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