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BTR-80 smoke mortars


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First of all, I played just abt an hour but great great game so far.


I played the second battle of the scenarios, Russian side. Now I dont know if i did something wrong, but i noticed that the smoke mortars on the BTR80s (the ones with the 30mm turret) lay down the smoke at about 170 to 190 meters from the vehicle. Is this normal? because seems a little too far to actually cover the vehicle

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3D6/3D6M smoke grenades do have a fairly long range.  We did some research and it seems they were not meant as a defensive aid to retreat for individual vehicles, but rather to lay smoke screens in front of advancing lines of BMPs / motor rifle infantry

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The smoke launchers on Soviet era vehicles (eg. BTR-80, BMP-2) generally have a long distance. They are meant to provide cover when crossing open fields and such ('offensive smoke'). Newer Russian and Ukrainian AFVs carry the short range 180º arc immediate deploy smoke ('defensive smoke') that US forces also use.


Personally I find the black 'offensive smokes' very useful when I have them, even though their pattern tends to be erratic. But if the winds are right they can provide a quick cover for your movements. Learn how and when to use them, they may surprise your opponent!

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