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Is the BFC "About Us" current? OR The Strange Case of the Missing BFC!

John Kettler

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ChrisND is all over the Forums and YT and is an Admin, as I can attest from direct experience, but I don't see him listed. Is he an employee or a super productive volunteer? Are we missing anyone else from the About Us? I see that at least one listed guy, Fernando Bull, is in Spain, so must be telecommuting, and there appear to be others. How many people are physically there, who are they, and where is there?


I looked for this information in vain on the site, and from what I've read in aggregate, I got the impression Steve lives in a log cabin in the Vermont (?) boonies, surrounded by tall things both deciduous and coniferous. And, yes, I read the warning, so shall not elaborate upon what those things might be! Since I doubt BFC is in a log cabin, I'm puzzled why there is no pic of the firm's digs, which presumably are in something altogether less rustic than a log cabin or, worse, a lean to. Speaking as someone who visited AH shortly before the Great Massacre, which was part of the Epic Betrayal, and was absolutely horrified by the terrible state of the workplace there (stupendous shock to someone who cut his wargaming teeth on Tactics II), courtesy of Dott the Miserly, I could understand why you wouldn't want to show something like that, but you guys are entirely too squared away on all fronts to operate in such a continuously disintegrating pit. Not to mention having been around for over 15 years, by which time you've presumably upgraded your workplace from doubtless humble (or is it humbling?) beginnings. Would imagine many Forumites (not to be confused with stalagmites, cheese mite or even catamites) would love to see the "Here's where we started" and "Here's where we are now" pics, especially those of us who've been your customers from the earliest days. This is where the likes of Polygon and RPS have let us down in their reportage, being several "W"s short of the standard five in journalism, though Polygon did by far the better job on BFC's history.


I shall await your response with bated breath, coupled with the firm hope it doesn't lead to oxygen starvation! Who knows? Maybe this post will actually put some eyeballs on the GDF, a once flourishing place (pre-Cambrian hothouse), but where even the rare tumbleweeds are now lonely and forlorn. 




John Kettler








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