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Well, I'm getting back into playing cmbo after a layoff and thought I'd check out the forum. Haven't been here for a while. Came across this cmmos mod and was wondering what it is. I downloaded it along with the rulesets (this looks like bmp but no sound replacements). Before doing an exe I thought I'd check here first to see what it is.

Also, MikeT used to have a desert, east front, and pacific mod plus one or two others. Are they still around?

Thanks for any help.

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gave up on spwaw? nice to see you. www.cmmods.com is where miket uploaded all he could from back in the day.

search cmbo by designer miket, all, other, for cmmos and the rulesets (newest versions)

them he started uploading under the name "cmmos" to try and keep it simple. most of the mods are under that designer name.

if you have problems, keep posting here and mike will help you or email him.

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cmmos is just the manager program. the rule sets tell the program what to do with the mods. then you load and unload the mods with cmmos.

for pc you can take non cmmos mods and unzip them into your bmp folder in cmbo. but that action will overwrite your original bmps.

i suggest before you start, make a copy of your bmp folder. rename the copy originalbmp. then if there is a problem you can copy and paste the original over the mistake.

i like mcmmm mod manager for pc.

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Ah, I'm beginning to understand.

Actually I have bmps and wavs that I downloaded years ago from cmhq. Whenever I fire up cm I put them in the folders and overwrite. Why should I keep originals if the new ones are better? So you're saying I can't just put the cmmos bmps in the folder without the exe file? And will cmmos allow me to switch between the original, desert, and pacific easily without putting each in a separate cm folder?

Btw, you're in Arizona? Where bouts?

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cmmos mods are zips that contain bmps with file extentions, and the rulesets for them.

if you unzip a cmmos mod into your cmbo bmp folder, you wont see the mod.

non-cmmos mods will overwrite and can be unzipped directly. but what if you dont like the mod after you see it?

yes there are some mods that you wont want to remove.

yes cmmos will let you switch theatres with the mods that were made for that.

the mods i make for cmak are not cmmos, mcmmm handles these. mcmmm will also take a cmmos mod and make a new zip with bmps without the file extentions.


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Huge difference. The only way they're the same is the level.

I don't think I'm going to get the other cm games. Hundreds of scens on cmbo and I'm not so interested in the other theaters. Even with spwaw I typically play west front and pacific.

I took cmmos off after all and just added my files to the bmp and wav folders. You can use only one at a time and I already had the best mods available.

I'll take a look at adamo's posts. Should prove interesting. CM would take some getting used to after spwaw.

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the first thing is movement. 3 hexes is three hexes in sp. in cm, how far you draw a line for movement doesn't tell you how far a unit will move in the turn. and it is variable with weather, ground type, fatigue, etc.

second is line of sight. completly different.

to me cm is everything i wanted in sp.

have you tried the demo for cmak? there are so many west front mods and battles for it and it is such an improved game over cmbo. most bb and ak players wont go back to bo.

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To me the most important change is wego instead of igougo. I like both. But I remember playing Flight Commander 2 several years ago and thinking, wow if only they had this with ww2 ground forces. And then they did. I was one of the first to pre-order.

I may download the demo and give it a try. But they're working on cm2 (unless that's been cancelled) and that promises to be really good.

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