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LOL, I guess those BFers will never get it right. I have some serious self esteem issues - all of it psychically transferred from Steve, et al.

But hey, I understand wanting a pixel resolution that makes your gee whiz bang gaming computer lug like a roller coaster on the long haul to the top.

(Please, please, please, no one take these comments seriously. I am not talking about YOU. Just generalizing in good fun.)

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I congratulate modders for all the work they do.

BUT I wanted to tell BF i still play with the minimal number of mods and love the stuff they put in the original game.

In fact i only use a no red cross mod (Thx rambler), a tracer mod and a flame mod (thx fuser) and a smoke mod (thx Vein).

I dl the rest, but don't let it on my install, just for testing it.

So BF please, don't let some things not very well just thinking someone will mod it, i see it happened and i would be very sad if it would happen to my favorite game.

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Please don't take my comment as a back door slam to BF. They have to aim their products to run on a whole spectrum of computer systems. I do love the extra eye candy, etc. that the modders bring to the game, I know a lot of hours go into it and just wanted to acknowledge that.

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Please don't take my comment as a back door slam to BF.

I didn't for sure, happy to see some feedback to modders.

Just took this topic to express my fears...

When i saw some things like "shiny" normandy left as it is whereas we all now it's to change, i cry in the idea BF could think the community could go on it.

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I think I speak for most modders here when I say that we do it mostly for ourselves.

I certainly modded the sounds for my own pleasure, I only released my first mod because a friend of mine told me I should.

And the only reason I keep releasing my soundmods is because I see that people download them.

I usually tell people to pick and choose when it comes to sounds tho, since every person has different tastes.

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